PS4 USB Ports 2021- Everything You Need to Know

We all very well know what are PS4 USB ports and how one can use them. But, if you are having the best USB port then you can carry on with your gaming console more easily. A good PS4 USB port not only improves your gaming console but also brings functionality to other tasks as well. But, the user finds that there are not enough USB ports for accessories like charging cables, hard drives, and flash drives.

Without USB, we cannot have the full features of other tools like speakers, headphones, VR, controller, and other things. If you are a gamer then you are very well aware of the dynamic functions of USB ports. USB ports also protect your precious time from getting wasted in another cable swapping. In this guide below, we will provide you everything about PS4 USB ports that you have to know for better gaming consoles. 

First of all, we have to tell you that going to the USB hub for adding USB ports is not a great solution as with the USB hub you can get issues which later on, turns into frustration and irritation. In order to provide you the best solution, we at the Playstation Edge come with the guide where you not only learn about the PS4 pro USB ports but also take a glimpse of how the external storage device processes on PS4.

PS4 USB Ports- How many are there?

If we talk about how many USB ports on PS4. Then, there are two 

ps4 pro usb ports

USB ports are available in the PS4. You will find these ports located on the front of the console which is not new as the PS2 and PS3 also came with the same no. of USB ports at the exact location. 

But, these conventions were broken by Sony and it comes with one more USB port located with AUX, HDMI, and LAN at the back of the console.

Features of PS4 pro USB ports

  • USB 3.0/3.1 Generation 1

how many usb ports on ps4

This feature is available not only in standard PS4 but also in the PS4 Pro. With this, you can get 5 Gbit/s that is a super speed transfer rate through which you can move the data faster from the external device to the PS4 and can share about 625mb/s. If you talk about its speed compared with other previous versions then it is ten times faster. 

But there are other USB also like USB 3.1 Gen 2 or USB 3.2 which can beat the transfer rate of 5Gbit/s with the speed of 10Gbit/s.

  • Bi-Directional

USB 3.0/3.1 fills the purpose of bi-directional that enables the user to read and write data. With this, the user can perform all the different tasks at once. If the user doing the task of downloading files from the console then other tasks like upload movies, upload data, and download music can be done without any kind of hindrances.

  • Power-Saving

The user can also have the feature of power-saving through USB 3.0/3.1 as it put the devices into sleep mode when not in use to save energy.

USB Devices that PS4 support

PS4 supports all these devices listed below. In order to get a glimpse of all the devices. Read the article below:

  • Keyboard & Mouse

With the keyboard, you can have the access to input text, system menus, browse the web on PS4. In order to configure the mouse and keyboard, you have to go to settings, then on devices, and finally on the External keyboard.

  • USB Hub

ps4 slim usb ports

The USB hub is a great way to connect many USB ports. But this will take the access from you to use external storage devices as extended storage. You can only use it as backup storage. Additionally, PlayStation VR only connects with the real USB port. If you use a USB hub then it will not work properly.

  • Controllers

Controllers can also be connected with the USB ports on PS4, if you do not want to connect them then you can also charge them with the emission of 900mA. 

  • PS4 Accessories 

PS4 accessories like headsets, PlayStation, and many more can connect with USB and improves the gaming consoles, and also boosting up the adventure.

  • External Storage Devices

The PS4 USB ports also provide access to external storage devices that includes USB external hard drive, USB external SSD, and USB flash memory that can be used on the console not only as backup storage but also as extended storage.

Using USB ports on PS4

First, you have to connect a USB device and PS4 by plugging each end into a USB port with one USB cable.

It should keep in mind to follow the instruction before plugging the cable into the USB port of the device whether it is on or off. Don’t ever try unplugging a USB cable from a running PS4 as it can cause damage to the files of the device. So, always follow the convention of ejecting the USB device before physically unplugging it.

With the USB hub, you can connect various USB devices with each other. USB hub contains plugs into one USB port and other ports for several devices to connect eventually. If you are using a USB hub while playing PS4, you need to plug a separate cable into each device and also join them with the hub individually.

You need to keep in mind that external hard drives when connected with a USB hub would not act as extended storage. Without any third-party medium, the user needs to connect to the PS4 USB port. 

The Transfer Speed of PS4 USB Port

As USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 are used in PS4 and PS4 pro so we are here concentrating on the transfer speed of both USB ports. Read below to get the knowledge

  • USB 3.0

Buffalo Technology has first launched USB 3.0 in November 2009. It can also be called a SuperSpeed USB. it is the updated version of USB 2.0 which is upgraded not only in speed and performance but also in power management. With the use of this USB 3.0, you can attain the feature of bandwidth capability.

Rather than this, the USB provides two unidirectional data paths used for sending and receiving the data at the same time. Also, the USB does not disappoint you with the transfer rates that are up to 5.0 gigabits per second (Gbps) or 640 megabytes per second (MBps). In order to have the marketing influence, the USB 3.1 officially renamed as USB 3.1 Gen 1. 

  • USB 3.1

It was first available on July 31, 2013. It has also some other name that is SuperSpeed+. This comes as the latest version of the USB protocol. You can transfer the files up to 10 Gbps with the device. In today’s time, Not only the PS4 console but there are many devices that use USB 3.0 and 3.1 revisions for better speed and performance. 

 But the problem arises when the user does not get the extra speed benefit with the two ports using two different USBs. For instance, USB 2.0 device is used in the PS4 3.0 port and a USB 3.0 device is used in the PS4 pro USB 3.1 port.

What happens after the damage of the PS4 USB port?

ps4 usb ports

The PS4 USB does not damage instantly, it is because of the user’s irresponsibility that turns it into a useless instrument. So, stop removing a USB device repeatedly and quickly as it makes the PS4 USB port not responding and it also becomes unable to recognize any USB device.

When the issue appeared with your PS4 USB port, you will notice some of the symptoms below.

  • The device becomes fail in an attempt to detect
  • If your USB device is connected to the PS4 and you are still facing issues like PS4 fails to shut down and won’t start.
  • Sudden stop in PS4.
  • At the time of using the extended storage, PS4 becomes slows or freezes.
  • And lastly, the error message that you will receive in your device containing the text like removing and replacing the device might solve this.
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How to resolve a damaged PS4 USB Port

usb ports on ps4

The best thing to do when PS4 USB does not work properly is to provide it a physical examination.

Keep in mind to check first if the device is corrupted or the USB port. Before performing any step you need to ensure that the USB port is faulty.

In order to check what is a faulty USB port or a Device, you can connect the device to another USB port. If it works fine then the problem lies in the first port.

If somehow the device does not show you any result that it is fine or not then you can connect the USB device to a PC to have a confirmation that this is not the actual problem.

Now, after confirming that the device is defective and needs some fixes, you will require to reformat the USB device but if you cannot reformat it then you can also replace it.

If you are suspicious of the problem in the PS4 USB port then you should do an investigation which you can do by shutting down your PS4 console.

Check now that the PS4 USB port is dust-free or not? Because, the dust, detritus, and dirt can cause the damaging to the PS4 USB port.

Dust brings so many issues to your PS4. it can cause the deduction in airflow which can lead to the cause of overheat of the PS4 system. It also proves damaging to your game consoles when due to overheating, you encounter less performance and slowing and freezing gaming consoles. It would be best if you use a can of compressed air and vacuum cleaner for cleaning out the drive.

At last, hold a USB cable and wiggle it around. Now, you have to check if the drive will be up and down or moving and feels loose. If it is then there is a problem with the USB drive.

How to Fix Broken PS4 USB Hardware

This section covers all the queries related to what if the USB port is loose.

Within the PS4 console, the ports are soldered to a board that can be the motherboard but mostly it is the secondary printed circuit board aka PCB. With continuous use, the ports become moveable and completely unattached at times.

The connected USB device provides no hindrances to the systems. For instance, the user encounters less strain on the port’s physical connection when they are connected safely with Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB flash memory. So, prefer the size that suits best for USB ports that again does not lose them.

With Restarting PS4, can we fix the broken USB ports

Yes, you can fix the USB ports by restarting. 

Restart your PS4 with the unrecognized USB device inserted into the USB port. The USB device should be detected through the operating system but if not then you need to focus on the device.

USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C Port Types

These are the physical layout of USB ports.

  • USB-A (Type A)

These come with USB-A connectors. These are rectangular USB Type-A connectors that contain a length of around 1.4 cm and a height of around 0.65 cm.

  • USB-B (Type B)

These are square connectors that used mostly on powered devices connected to the computer. These are not so much popular in today’s time as there come other devices as well which fit into the smaller connection.

  • Mini-USB

Before micro-USB, these were the standard for mobiles that comes in a small connector type. However, these lost popularity today but still, you can see them on cameras, MP3 players, and Playstation 3 controllers. 

  • Micro USB

These are called Micro USB versions of both USB-B and USA-A. Mini USB versions are also presented on many old devices. Gain popularity among mobile devices.

  • Use Type C

These are the newer standard that arises to replace both A and B. the features like dimensions of 0.84cm by 0.26cm and ports to support the mobile devices with thinner form factors.

This is the best among the other USB types with its reliability of features that promise more power and higher transfer rates. The task of juggling multiple functions can also perform by the device.


With the guide of PS4 USB ports, you can now easily enjoy your gaming consoles without any kind of interruptions. We hope that you like this article and solved all your queries related to the study of USB ports on PS4. 

If you find this article suitable and relevant enough then let us know your thoughts in the comment section and also share it with your family and friends, whosoever wondering about PS4 pro USB ports.

At last, boost up your gaming consoles with the correct PS4 pro USB ports. 

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