Top 5 Best Hard Drive For PS4 and Xbox One [Updated 2021]

Hard drives provide a pace to the gaming world by carrying the load of the games. Whether it be PS4 or PS5, gaming adventure is fragmentary without these hard drives. Now, the tendency becomes generated of canceling each and every game after playing for the availability of extra storage. But these best hard drives for ps4 can shape the task in a more easy way. There will be lots of benefits that you can encounter while replacing existing hard drives with new ones. You will be brought here the best external hard drive for ps4. With the tremendous power of these hard drives, you can have a street ahead experience. Give yourself a better experience by freeing your gaming consoles. External hard drives and Internal hard drives are the boosted element in any console as these will add more leisure to your gaming potential. So, choose wisely.

Just as external hard drives expand the external storage so the internal hard drives that do not expand the storage but upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4. In the article, we will provide you the best ps4 external hard drives as well as the internal hard drives.  

Well, it totally depends on your budget and needs to acquire the finest hard drive that will store your each and every game without canceling the other. In this era of expansion, where every day is witnessed as the launch day for new games and apps, it is a call for replacing the outdated hard drives with the new one that runs faster like this era. These outdated hard drives can bring hindrances to your gaming consoles that in turn, frustrate and irritate your joyous mood. With these new hard drives, you remain accelerated and boost up like the game itself. 

PS4 can outstand PS5 when upgraded with the best external as well as internal hard drives. These hard drives can create a world of enthusiasm among the gamers like you. So, replace the old technology and breaks the conventional code of gaming by including these tremendous hard drives in your gaming consoles. 

These hard drives provide you a better pace in forwarding and saving your games. The load time also becomes reduced and you can adventure the full game. If you want to discard your old irritable hard drives then check out this full guide containing everything about the different storage devices and choose the one according to your suit. 

 List of Best External Hard Drive for PS4 

1. Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

best external hard drive for ps4

FeaturesToshiba 1TB Canvio Advance is the best among the drives that will fit with your budget and need too. Its reasonable price can provide you all the dynamic features that you might see in some other expensive hard drive. Just like its name, it also comes with advanced technology and features. Not only this, but it also comes with a two-year warranty. The features like WD MyPassport enable the protection function to the drive. It creates an automatic back-up for the game. The best part about the drive is its price which is almost the same as its basic model but filled with so many versatile features.

Looks- If we talk about its designs and looks then it appears super cool with the gloss finish that again makes it look super attractive. The blue color of the drive gives you the feeling of a gamer as when you turn it on, it glows with blue light that makes it super-duper attractive.

How to Use– After turn it on, the player only needs to format it as extended storage. It carries out the functions with USB 3.0 ports thus, frees you from using any external power source. 

Price- Get this amazing hard drive with the WD MyPassport feature at less than $51.06 on the online shopping app Amazon.

2. OWC PS4 Hard Drive kit

best hard drive for ps4 pro

Features- This is the second among the best hard drive for PS4. It’s the best instrument to upgrade your PS4 or PS4 Pro’s storage. It is used for external as well as internal storage. With this kit, you can upgrade your ps4 to the next-gen. It will provide you space, storage ability, and capacity. It comes with a 1-year warranty and the original capacity is 16x. It enables you to use the existing 500 GB again and also builds on more storage up to 4Tb through the external drive kit. No one can beat this drive in its dynamic features. With this, you get the best hard drives for PS4 Reddit.

Looks- It appears like the kit itself with every tool that a player dreams of. It consists of a high-quality double shielded USB 3.0 connecting Guide, carrying sleeve, 8.0GB Dual USB flash drive, and Express Installation Guide. It’s a Toshiba model so you don’t have to worry about its functions.

How to Use- With the installation guide that you receive with the kit. You can install and use it easily. Once installed properly, you can enjoy here plug and play feature.

Price-  You can get the capacity of 16x on Amazon at just $94 and if you are having a subscription to prime then you can get it at a $10 discount.

3. WD_Black P50 Game Drive

best external hard drive for ps4 reddit

Features- It comes with a dynamic speed of up to 2000MB/s and up to 4TB of storage. With this, you can easily create your ideal game library. You can also get your game back in no time that will definitely drive you mad as you will focus more on gaming than waiting for the game to upload. The best feature of this drive is SuperSpeedUSB which will never get outdated. It can compatible with future releases like new accessories, hardware, and components. The product does not stop here with its surprising elements and gives the players one more reason to opt for this. Through its warranty period that is not just 1 or 2 years but a 5-year, no one can say no to this. So, it can be your best external hard drive for PS4 pro. 

Looks-  Like its features, its looks are also magnificent. It comes in a rectangular-shaped drive. The size is something like a smartphone and the appearance like a military case adds a feather in a cap. This drive also has some LED indicators on one of the sides of the case. In order to dissipate the heat while using there is given a vent in the drive.

How to Use- It comes with a USB cable of around 2 feet long. With this cable, you can use this amazing tool as one is the USB-Type-C and the other connects USB Type-C to Type-A. You just required to connect and play.

Price-  You can witness the dynamic speed of up to 2000 MB/s by purchasing it at just $124.99 on Amazon.

4. WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive

best hard drive for ps4 pro

Features- Not only the drive can store more than 50+ AAA games but also creates space for the downloads from the PS store. With this drive, you don’t need to look for any other HDD in the market as it will provide you enough space for around 2-3 years. During this period, you can enjoy gaming without thinking about the storage option. This drive also enables you to share music, photos, videos, and documents and also keeps all your data safe and protected with its password feature. You are provided a warranty period of 3 years. 

Looks- It is hand-adjustable in the size of the iPhone X. If you are looking for a drive that looks like a ps4 console then this is best for you because of its mixture of dark blue and silver color. 

How to Use- This comes with a USB Type-C connector on the one hand and a type-C to the type-A connector on the other hand that provides easy accessibility to gamers like you.

Price- you can load 50+ AAA games through this drive by picking this up at just a reasonable price of $92.99 from amazon.

5. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

best external hard drive for ps4

Features- It offers you 6 TB capacities to store your game data. With this drive, you can again get all your games at ease. The ranges start from 2TB upwards. The drive can store around 80-100 PS4 games that you can enjoy without the load issue. You will be provided it with a warranty period of one year. 

Looks- The drive is black in color that has some geometrical patterns all over it that are quite exciting and make it a little different from the other drives.

How to use- Having no power cable makes it easy to use and you can take it easily to your friend’s house and enjoy the adventure of the game and it comes with USB 3.2 Gen1 

Price- You can check out the Amazon website and get the storage of 80 to 100 games at just $85.94 From Amazon.

Best Internal Hard Drives for PS4

1. Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD

ps4 external hard drive

Features- If you think that all those above eps4 external hard drives are not fit your budget then you can opt for Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD. It will provide a better boost to your games with a capacity of 1TB. Being an SSD, it performs quicker and faster in comparison to several HDDs that are having the same range. If we talk about the warranty period then the product will give you a warranty period of 5 years. Through this, you can enhance the durability and performance of your games. We don’t need looks here as they fit into the ps4 for increasing its functionality. 

How to use- You have to change it with the one inside your ps4 as it is an internal hard drive. You required only one screwdriver to place the disc into its mounting bracket. After doing the process, you have to just connect it.  

Price- You can get this 1TB SSD at a reasonable price of $109.99 on amazon.

2. Seagate Firecuba 2.5” 2TB SSHD

Seagate best internal hard drive for ps4

Features- It is the second-best internal drive for PS4 you are going to have this drive for PS4 and any other device then it will prove the best for you. As being a Solid State Hybrid Drive, it has features of both the HDD and SSD which provide the users a space of around 2TB. This again can store games up to 80x26GB games. The drive’s size that is 2.5” also fits in your console. 

How to use- It’s the same process used here that you have witnessed in the above drive.

Price- You can get the 2.5” 2TB at a reasonable price of $239.99 on amazon.


We hope that this article will solve all your queries related to Best hard drives for PS4. From the list above you can choose the one that fits your budget and need. If you find this article relevant enough then tell your thoughts to us in the comment section and let us know which one you choose for your gaming console. If you have any doubts then also let us know.

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