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why is my ps4 so slow 0

How To Fix PS4 Slow and Lagging? [Effective Solutions]

If you are wondering why your PS4 is running slow? Then, read this guide below containing all the answers to your query. We at Playstation edge feel more obliged to solve your queries like...

ps4 usb ports 0

PS4 USB Ports 2021- Everything You Need to Know

We all very well know what are PS4 USB ports and how one can use them. But, if you are having the best USB port then you can carry on with your gaming console...

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Top 5 Best Hard Drive For PS4 and Xbox One [Updated 2021]

Hard drives provide a pace to the gaming world by carrying the load of the games. Whether it be PS4 or PS5, gaming adventure is fragmentary without these hard drives. Now, the tendency becomes...